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We have developed a unique Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) model to assist South African companies to achieve their ESD points on the B-BBEE scorecard. You will achieve this by sponsoring black-owned businesses on our globally recognised enterprise development programmes and supplier development programmes. Working with us is more than just achieving your B-BBEE points. It’s about achieving real growth in your black-owned suppliers.

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Enterprise and Supplier Development Programmes

We have designed a range of highly-effective and targeted Enterprise and Supplier Development Programmes that are tailored to your strategic objectives. These programmes guarantee that you’ll meet the B-BBEE requirements and achieve your BEE points in a sustainable manner whilst ensuring your suppliers and potential suppliers experience real impact on the programme resulting in their growth and profitability.

We’ll help you to create Supplier Development programmes that will speak directly to your business needs. You’ll have the opportunity to build the strength of your own supply chain a..

We are renowned globally for our ability to develop and implement tailored ED programmes expeditiously that align Enterprise Development to your strategic needs, for example: your supporting..

There is a large demand from many industry sectors for Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) programmes that reflect the needs and opportunities within those respective sectors. With experie..

Businesses don’t only operate in cities – there are many young entrepreneurs eking out a living in rural areas. We have rural business development programmes which are ideal for corp..

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