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Dr. Dulcy Rakum

Preventative health care is the way forward

 “I have been in the private medical practice for the last 14 years, and one key thing I’ve noticed is that doctors tend to focus on curative healthcare,” said Dr Dulcy Rakum. “We wait for people to get sick first, before they come to see us. This ends up increasing health care costs and has damaging effects on people, government health budgets, medical aid companies, and insurance companies, because of the economic costs of hospitalisation.”

“I started my business, Accessible Quality Health Care (AQH), with the aim of providing access to extraordinary health and wellness, through Integrated Wellness Centres that have health and wellness clinicians, dieticians, psychologists, and physiotherapists, who all offer comprehensive preventative health care solutions to individuals. AQH also develops client or employee wellness solutions for corporates and insurance companies.

“I first read about Raizcorp in Entrepreneur Magazine and wasn’t sure if their programme catered for service-oriented companies like mine. Luckily my mentor told me about the Horizon programme, which is aimed at Social Enterprises.

“When I joined the Horizon programme, I strategically chose to start with courses that would firstly help me understand myself as a person, and secondly help me understand what type of entrepreneur I am. After completing only 2 courses, I have watched myself grow and have also seen the positive impact on my business. I now interact better than before with my suppliers and customers, and also in my personal relationships. I am braver and able to push myself to take more risks because I believe in myself now.

“I can happily say that I am now running a much better business, after joining the Horizon programme,” concluded Dr Rakum.