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We have developed a unique enterprise and supplier development (ESD) model to assist South African companies to achieve their ESD points on the B-BBEE scorecard. You can achieve this by sponsoring black-owned businesses on our globally recognised enterprise development and supplier development programmes. Working with us is about more than just achieving your B-BBEE points. It’s about achieving real growth in your black-owned suppliers.

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What we offer

Our range of highly-effective and targeted enterprise and supplier development programmes is tailored to your strategic objectives. The programmes guarantee that you’ll meet your B-BBEE requirements and achieve your points in a sustainable manner, while also ensuring that your suppliers and potential suppliers experience a real impact in terms of growth and profitability.

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  • We assist corporates to strategically and effectively deploy their enterprise-development funds in a manner which creates real, sustainable impact and, at the same time, serves the corporate’s long-term strategy. We are renowned globally for our ability to expeditiously develop and implement tailored enterprise-development programmes. For example, we can design programmes that:

    • support your local community
    • support specific groups such as women, youth and so on
    • link enterprise development to your supplier-development objectives to ensure a healthy pipeline into your supplier-development programme

    Our range of programmes is designed for the different stages of the entrepreneur’s lifecycle, including:

    • introducing entrepreneurs to the concept of business, and helping them develop their ideas into executable businesses
    • helping entrepreneurs take their business ideas to the first level of commercialisation
    • assisting entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground and start generating revenue
    • getting entrepreneurs to the next level of business, especially those who have the potential to create more jobs
  • We assist corporates to create supplier-development programmes that speak directly to their business needs. Many South African corporates find it difficult to effectively link their supplier-development budgets to a substantial and sustainable preferential-procurement impact on the B-BBEE scorecard. Raizcorp has worked with the transformation and procurement departments of many of South Africa’s top blue-chip companies to devise long-term strategies that create meaningful transformation in their supply chains.

    Our supplier-development programmes allow you to:

    • Identify candidate businesses with the potential to be included in your supply chain, and groom these businesses for supply chain partnerships with you
    • Address the need, and benefit, from the B-BBEE focus on Supplier Development, allowing you to increase the number and quality of existing and potential new black-owned companies in your supply chain
    • Distinguish between non-performing or under-performing black suppliers currently on your supplier database, and identify performing black suppliers who have specific growth needs
    • Move your black suppliers from non-strategic and non-capital-intensive elements of your supply chain (low barrier to entry) to the strategic and capital-intensive element of your supply chain (high barrier to entry)
  • Employed skills development

    Raizcorp has developed a number of SETA-accredited skills-development programmes that are aimed at upskilling corporate staff to think and act more entrepreneurially. We work with employees to help them develop their sales skills, and their ability to retain clients. Other skills programmes include leadership training and emotional intelligence.  The programmes are also designed to integrate into your company’s enterprise-development and supplier-development programmes.  They are fully accredited and will ensure that you achieve your B-BBEE skills-development points while also strategically integrating into your overall business strategy.

    Unemployed skills development

    We also help to upskill and empower unemployed youth to start their own businesses and potentially become part of your supply chain. Our SETA-accredited programme is designed to fit into the different stages of the entrepreneurial lifecycle, including:

    • Introducing entrepreneurs to the concept of business, and helping them develop their ideas into executable businesses
    • Helping entrepreneurs take their business ideas to the first level of commercialisation
    • Assisting entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground and start generating revenue
    • Getting entrepreneurs to the next level of business, especially those who have the potential to create more jobs
  • It is widely accepted that Africa has one of the youngest populations in the world. The youth bulge presents both an opportunity (youth dividend) and a challenge for governments across the continent. Many corporates have made the commitment to focus their socio-economic development, enterprise-development and supplier-development budgets on this youth sector.

    The conundrum with youth is that they often have the energy and ambition to run their own businesses, but lack the necessary experience and skills. Raizcorp has spent years developing and honing programmes aimed specifically at the realities facing the youth and the issues they are confronting.

    Raizcorp is committed to growing and developing our youth and, with the support of corporate South Africa, we aim to build future generations of entrepreneurs because they are the prospective job creators who will build South Africa to new heights and raise our global competitiveness. 

  • Rural communities are too often excluded from the economic benefits of a growing economy. As a result, there is a mass migration of skills to cities across the country, which leaves rural areas devoid of the quantity and quality of skills required to build local economies.

    We build successful rural programmes that are cognisant of the interplay between local traditional and political leadership. Raizcorp works with large localised industries – such as mines, forestry, agriculture and so on – to ensure that communities can participate in the benefits of economic activity in their regions.

  • The socio-economic development (SED) element of the B-BBEE scorecard is one of the least strategically used elements. Raizcorp works with Corporate Sponsors to ensure that the SED component of their scorecard strategically aligns to their enterprise-development and supplier-development element.

    We ensure that your SED budget is focused on developing entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial mind-sets. Corporate Sponsors can either co-create new programmes with Raizcorp or participate in one of several Raizcorp SED programmes that are run nationally.

  • Raizcorp works with mining companies to design and implement elements of their social labour plans (SLPs). Our SLP programmes are well designed, effective and well documented to ensure that all Department of Mineral Resources requirements are met and that comprehensive paper trails and proof is evidenced.  SLPs can also be coordinated with the enterprise-development and supplier-development requirements of the mine.

  • We work with corporates to develop a culture of entrepreneurship. We do this through interventions and exchanges with executives, middle management and sales teams to precipitate and support a more entrepreneurial mind-set.  Corporates that find themselves stagnating and unable to adapt to a highly evolving market context should be promoting an entrepreneurial culture that allows them to be more adaptive, nimbler and more action-oriented.

    What clients are saying

    “We used Raizcorp in two sessions during 2017 and received great feedback from delegates but, more importantly, all our organisational objectives were achieved each time. These sessions  helped us change the mindset of senior leadership in the business that was stuck in their current ways and we needed a new level of output. Allon’s process of questioning and drilling down into some issues to uncover a unexplored opportunity helped us to move beyond the same old answers we are so used to in the business. His business experience and knowledge across all aspects of the business created massive value add and allowed us to let the conversation flow into related pain points that some needed to address before they could make the mind shift. On a personal note, I rate this as one of the best and most useful sessions I have attended in my working career.”

    Chris Oosthuisen – Head of Tied Sales, Liberty Group

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